Haastattelussa Dice

Haastattelussa Dice

Redrum-187 sai vihiä, että Detroit-legenda Dice olisi julkaisemassa uutta ”Morfein” nimistä levyä keväällä 2013. Toimitus otti luurin käteensä ja päätti pirauttaa suoraan itse artistille. Lue tästä mikä on Dicen nykymeininki ja mahtaisiko keikat Euroopassa kiinnostaa.

Redrum-187: What up Dice? What you’ve been up to for the past few years?

Dice: I’m all right. I’m just chillin. For the past years I’ve been creating my album, creating and recording songs. I’ve also had some family issues so I have been dealing with them.

Redrum-187: You’re releasing your new album ”Morfein” soon. How would you describe Morphine?

Dice: Well, this album is… how would you describe it… It’s reality. It bases into 3-4 years of my life. It’s exclusive songs about things that have been going on in my life.


Redrum-187: So it’s a kind of a lifestory?

Dice: Yea, that’s it.

Redrum-187: What’s your creative process like? 

Dice: Well it really depends on how I’m feeling at the time, or how I come up with the concept. I self medicate a bit, smoke some weed, get into the feeling of the song. It really depends on how I’m feeling at the time, that’s what I write about.

I create everything in my mind. I start with a hook, then a verse. I always create the song first in my head in some type of way. Then I go into the studio, get my tape recorder or whatever…

Redrum-187: How about the music?

Dice: For this album, I think I produced about 4-5 tracks out of 16. Then I got Big Body Beats, Cap Murda, Big Nasty and of course Pervert Pastor laced some tracks.

Redrum-187: Can you tell us more about “Self Medicated” records, is it your own label?

Dice: That’s all mine, it’s my label.

Redrum-187: Are in touch with Timmi Tw2 Tymes? How is he doing, new music?

Dice: Yea, he is on my label. We’re doing the paperwork at the moment and he is going to release some albums through Self Medicated. He’s been good, chillin in the studio. Trying to stay out the bad ways. He is going to release new album most likely this summer.

Redrum-187: What’s up with Pervert Pastor? 

Dice: I haven’t heard from him for a while now so I don’t really know.

Redrum-187: Out of all your albums, which one is your personal favourite?

Dice: My favourite is most likely between “Drug Abuse” or “Neighbourhoodshitalker”. I like “Morfein” a lot but those are my favourites so far.

dice_drug abuse

Redrum-187: You’ve always had a couple of years between albums. How much unreleased material do you have?

Dice: Yea, I have a gang of songs. I have a lot of unreleased songs I’m going to drop this year with remixes and so forth. They are going to be released after ”Morfein” in 2013.

Redrum-187: How is the rap scene in Detroit today? Any favourites?

Dice: Aw man, it’s looking good. It’s picking up, a lot of artists are showcasing themselves in the streets and doing shows. It’s big.

There’s a few cats I’d be interested doing songs with but haven’t gotten round to yet.

Redrum-187: What is Detroit like in 2013 compared to early 90’s when you got into recording albums?

Dice: There’s a big difference music wise. The content of the music back then in the 90’s was more heavy and meaningful but Detroit is keeping it real you know. Detroit has a lot of underground “keeping it 100”-type of music. I know a lot of guys keeping it real on the music. I’m proud of people over here that are doing that type of music.

Redrum-187: Who are Dice’s influences in rapping if any?

Dice: For inspiration right now I listen to Bob Marley, Sade, Portishead… that kind of stuff keeps me motivated. Real rap, reggae, movie-type music… Back in the day my inspiration was Cube, Kool G Rap, Beastie Boys, Bob Marley.

Redrum-187: Are you in touch with anyone involved in your past albums… Mystro, Esham, Kawtion?

Dice: Not really. We don’t  keep in touch that much. We’re all doing our own things.

Redrum-187: Do you have any plan on coming to Europe for gigs?

Dice: Aw man! I would really like to come to Europe and do some shows. I just have to get in contact with the right people.

Shout out to all of Finland and rest of Europe! I appreciate the support I’ve been getting from there. I’ll really try to get over there to do some shows in 2013.

”Morfein” should be out like round March!

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haastattelu jota on venattu!

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I’ll really try to get over there to do some shows in 2013.
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