Haastattelussa SpaceGhostPurrp

Haastattelussa SpaceGhostPurrp

SpaceGhostPurrp käväisi lokakuun lopulla Euroopan kiertueensa viimeisellä keikalla Helsingissä Raider Klan -kaverinsa Yung Simmien kanssa ja pääsimme tekemään haastattelun juuri hieman ennen keikalle lähtöä. Pitkä kiertue ja matkustaminen oli selkeästi verottanut herrojen energiaa, mutta saimme kasattua kuitenkin ihan mukavasti jutunjuurta. Haastatelu on teknisistä syistä tällä kertaa tekstimuodossa.

Redrum-187: So this is the last gig from your European tour. How has it been so far?

SGP: It’s been good, it’s an experience… There’s ups and downs… The ups are doing the shows and downs are travelling like for hours and hours. We have a 10 hour flight tomorrow, damn! Show’s over here in Europe  are quite the same as in US, the kids acts same way and go crazy on shows. It’s the same culture all over the world.

Redrum-187: You are touring with Young Simmie and you’re both part of the Raider Klan. Can you tell us more about the Klan?

SGP: Yea I started the Klan a long time ago, round when I was 18 and now it’s a record label..  Young niggas in group. Right now we’re splitting Klan into more teams so in the future there will be more movements and more Raider Klans.

Redrum-187: You are from Miami but your own sound is quite different from the mainstream hiphop that has been coming from that part. How did you “find” your sound and how did it evolve?

SGP: It’s like dark trap inspired by old Memphis shit. It’s still dark trap. When I was growing up I was listening to a lot of dark rap shit. Then I started producing and wanted that type of sound… just with my own twist to it.

(Outside rap) I used to listen to Misfits, Black Sabbath, Danzig… then right now these kids… damn, can’t remember their name right now! Meshuggah (from Sweden) is one of my favourites too. I have been thinking about doing something with a metal band also. I did some touring with Trash Talk too.


Redrum-187: How did the deal with 4AD come about?

SGP: They reached out to me and we linked up. At the time, I was doing this project called Mysterious Phonk… like when I started I was just doing trap, but then I wanted to go outside the box and do something else. And that’s the project that came out.

After that I’ve done work wit Wiz, Juicy, Freddie Gibbs…

Redrum-187: Are you still a fan of Mortal Kombat, you’ve sampled the game before?

SGP: Hell yea! I’m a big fan, MK3… My favourites are Reptile, Noob Saibot and Cyrax.

Redrum-187: How have you coped with the fame and the stress that comes with it?

SGP: Yea the fame came really fast… ambushed me really, not bullshitting. I was just making music for fun and somehow my music reached out to kids and they heard me rapping about same stuff they were doing. Everything I was rapping about, they were doing it… it was crazy! Suddenly I was partying with 3-6 Mafia, sipping lean… everything… whoa!

Redrum-187: Has your style or way of working changed from the way you were doing it at the beginning?

SGP: I think my style is better now than before. People might not be ready for it tho.

Like, I don’t have a studio in use 24/7. Some people are saying like “Purrp fell off” because I’m not releasing my music constantly, it’s not that… I just don’t have a studio at my use all the time. But when I have that studio time and the engineer… Once I have those, I get into my zone and bam bam bam! Songs come out.

Redrum-187: Social media is quite important these days for artist to reach out to fans and whatnot. How do you look at twitter, instagram, facebook..?

SGP: It’s helpful yea. If it wasn’t for the social media outlets, a lot of music would not be heard. Even though I was there (in the internet), I was doing a lot of shows and were trying to show people how I live… and from coast to coast, I was trying to show people how to do it. I was trying to inspire others and get inspired by others too.

Redrum-187: What’s your label situation right now?

SGP: I’m free… I’m a free agent. At the moment I don’t have a deal but if something comes along I’m ready to talk. But usually you have to get a hit single to the radio and you know how that goes… But you know, if it happens and they hit me up… Let’s get money.

Shoutout to everybody, I appreciate you guys!

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